Stainless Steel Anchor

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Our newly designed Anchor. The same holding strength as our original design, but weighs 0.4 ounces less and is easier to put in and pull out of the ground.


    7″  - wide
  10″  - overall length
 7/8″  - lip

Our Anchors are made with 304 16-Ga Stainless Steel welded to a 5/16″ 304 Stainless Steel Rod. The rod has a machined bulleted tip that adds to the ease of putting it into the ground. The 7/8″ lip on the Anchor makes it easier to remove from the ground.

By putting 2- Holding Rods into each Anchor through the two 5/8″ holes located in the 7/8" lip of the Anchor, our tests have shown us that you add 16% more holding strength to the system. (Holding rods sold separately.)

Each Anchor comes with one Brass Wing Nut as a spare.

This price is per Anchor.

Weight = 13.2 oz