Basic 5-Kit

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Abe’s Basic 5-Kit has two anchors for each wing tie down location and one anchor for your tail section. It comes with 2 holding rods for each anchor along with our new UHMW pounding block, one metal anchor extractor, four plastic handle anchor extractors, and a heavy duty nylon carrying bag to store your kit in.

We’ve recently included pulleys in our Basic 5-Kit to prolong the life of the cables. Like our Basic 3 Kit, you provide your own tie down ropes and tie them directly to the pulleys.

Our pull tests performed in the backcountry show that our double anchor system holds 40% more weight than The Claw and 55% more weight than the FlyTie.

Protect your aircraft with the best.

This kit comes complete with:

(5)   - Stainless Steel Anchors
(5)   - Brass Wing Nuts (spares)
(10) - 14″ Stainless Steel Holding Rods
(3)   - Pulleys
(3)   - Straight Cables
(1)   - Pounding Block
(1)   - Heavy Duty Nylon Carrying Bag
(1)  -  Metal Anchor Extractor
(4)   - Plastic Anchor Extractors

Weight = 9.9 lbs